About Red Hyena Games

Hi, my name is Honey and I am a game developer.

I first learned how to program when I was in the fifth grade.  My older brother, who was in high school, was learning the Pascal programming language for his computer class and he showed me how to do “Hello, World” in Pascal.  From then on, I was hooked and started programming as a “hobby”.  I coded games for fun, mostly word games of the Wheel of Fortune type.

I went to college to study Film and Audio-Visual Communication.  During that time, the internet was getting popular and I taught myself how to create websites using HTML and Javascript.  I got a job as a web developer.  The technology was so new that web development was not even taught in schools yet so even though I was self-taught, I had an advantage over other people who had computer degrees.  I took classes in C and Java Programming to have a better background in programming.

After that, I worked in Royal Caribbean as a cruise ship photographer and lab manager.  Then, I got married and started my own photo and video business.

After flip-flopping between web development and film for a number of years, always being torn about choosing one or the other, I realized that my two passions meet in game development.  The visual aspect of game development satisfies my creative side and the programming satisfies my logical, puzzle-solving side.  I model 3d objects in Maya and use Unreal Engine 4.  I also code using C# and XNA.  This blog tracks my progress in game development.


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