Unreal Engine Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation Tutorial

Unreal Engine just released a new series of video tutorials on 3rd person game creation using Blueprint.

You can view the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation Tutorial here.

This tutorial includes:

  1. Introduction to 3rd Person Game Creation tutorial
  2. Project Creation and FBX Download tutorial
  3. FBX Importing and Using Skeletons tutorial
  4. Intro to Persona tutorial
  5. Setting Up Inputs tutorial
  6. Basic Character Material tutorial
  7. Blend Spaces tutorial
  8. Intro to Animation Blueprints tutorial
  9. Intro to State Machines tutorial
  10. Building the AnimGraph tutorial
  11. Animation Blueprint EventGraph tutorial
  12. Character Blueprint Components tutorial
  13. Character Blueprint : Keyboard and Mouse Controls tutorial
  14. Game Mode and Testing
  15. Character Blueprint : Gamepad and Touch Controls

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